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Quality Assurance Executive

Vice President Quality, North America

Project Overview

A leading Canadian heavy truck manufacturer in Winnipeg.


The client was looking for a VP of Quality requiring multi-site and global experience in a large trucking, automotive or related business. They had been searching for over 6 months, using several local contingent firms. They had exhausted the local Winnipeg and Manitoba region and were finding it difficult to attract suitable candidates willing to relocate to Winnipeg.


We flew out to Winnipeg to meet all the stakeholders. They retained our services and we developed a broad-based recruiting plan. We determined the centre of the bullseye for the ideal candidate in terms of key performance abilities and character traits to align with corporate culture, and we discussed where we might find them.

We reached out to personal contacts from prior searches, and head-hunted by calling companies directly. A candidate whom we had interviewed a few years earlier referred us to a Director of Quality who had just finished setting up a plant in India for a worldwide, USA based automotive company. She was not on Linkedin. She met all the criteria, but she wouldn’t relocate to Winnipeg.

We helped the client create a solution whereby she could work at one of their divisions in the Minneapolis area and travel a few days a week to Winnipeg, while maintaining her USA citizenship.


The candidate has been doing a great job, and has recently been promoted to Executive VP of Operations. Since then we have filled 3 other key roles in the company.

Our executive search completion ratio is THREE TIMES the industry average in North America.

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