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We all know that Employee Engagement directly affects morale, teamwork, productivity and retention. And yet we also know that it is very difficult and expensive to measure. Surveys need to be:

  • Valid (actually measuring the constructs or phenomena they are intended to measure)
  • Reliable (able to produce the same results consistently over time in the absence of meaningful changes to the environment)
  • Meaningful (offering insights that are useful and prescriptive)
    The challenge has been to get all this in an affordable package. Until now.

I would like to introduce you to a survey I have come across that changes the Employee Engagement measurement game considerably. Before I do, however, I need to disclose that I have no financial interest in either the tool or the company offering it.

It is called Employee Survey Toolkit, a free employee survey service available on-line at EST is a wholly owned subsidiary of Entec Corporation that has been providing leading edge employee surveys since 1996. These surveys have been tested and re-tested for validity and reliability over many years and close to 100,000 employees, to ensure the highest quality of data that is derived from these surveys. In Entac’s words, “This is a premium offering that is totally free. There are no upgrades. There are no costs not now not ever.”

Employee Survey Toolkit offers fully automated surveys that measure leadership, employee engagement, satisfaction, and well-being.

The toolkit has a survey wizard that allows you to easily define the types of data cuts you wish: by department, job categories, location, job levels, union/non-union etc. All reports come with an introduction that helps you to interpret your survey results. And all of these reports are available instantly even during the survey process.


  • Five ready-to-launch surveys
  • Flexible, unlimited use
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Reliable and valid results
  • Presented in advanced graphs and reports
  • Monitor results in real time and get instant reports


  • Boost productivity levels
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Decrease health costs
  • Develop a stronger leadership team
  • Increase innovation and creativity
  • Have employees in top mental, physical, and emotional shape
  • Increase overall employee engagement
  • Increase retention

Whether you’re an industry veteran, an entrepreneur, an HR professional, or a corporate executive, these employee surveys may be very useful if you’re looking to effect change or to reinvigorate your organization.


Here is what a consultant has to say:

“I had the pleasure of using the Employee Survey Toolkit for a recent 500 employee satisfaction survey for one of my clients. The survey wizard made it easy to create and execute the survey. The survey questions are well written and comprehensive. The on demand report generator allowed us to quickly analyze results even while the survey administration was ongoing. My client has already said that they will make the Employee Survey Toolkit the standard for their annual employee satisfaction survey. The only problem I had, was trying to explain to my client why the tool was free!