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With the prominence of the internet and online databases used to filter through the hundreds of resumes received by hiring authorities daily, the need for a well-engineered resume is imperative. The following tips will help you to identify ways of improving your resume to be recognized by database filters, hiring managers and recruiters alike.

1. Objective Statement

An objective statement is an essential way to customize your resume to each job that you are applying to. When writing your statement, it’s not what the company can do for you; it’s what you can do for the company! Using your objective to briefly state how you will add value to an organization will certainly encourage the reader to continue on and find out how.

2. Resume Format

The format of your resume should not overshadow its intents and purposes. There are several ways to format a resume and personal preference varies widely. Clarity is key! Margins, spacing, and font should be uniform. Ultimately you want your resume to be easy to read and communicate the right message.

3. Customization

Particularly at an executive level, you should be customizing your resume to the job and company that you are applying to. When posting your resume on a career board you might also want to gear the resume towards a particular industry or career that you would like to be searched for. Use the job posting to help you identify key words that the company will likely use to filter through resumes. Use these terms frequently and only where they apply. Key words are typically verbs, licenses or accreditations, and titles – a worthy tip as endorsed by Silvio Rossi, Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics.

4. Achievements in Context

Avoid simply listing achievements. Instead, use statements that identify how your achievements contributed to the company’s bottom line. For example, demonstrate how your actions increased sales, attained a new customer base, or improved efficiency.

5. Quality & Relevance

The golden rule ‘quality over quantity’ certainly applies to your resume. Altering your resume to suite the job you’re applying for may require you to add or remove a particular work experience that is not relevant to the new position. If you don’t want to leave some experiences on the cutting room floor make them as succinct as possible. However, if you don’t use key words as identified by the job posting this is counterproductive and can diminish the value of your resume as a whole. Joe Braccia, our Vice President of Technical Engineering, agrees that two to three pages should be sufficient for effective executive resumes.

Try using these simple and effective tips to get an extra edge through your resume. Doing something different? Share your tips in the comments section.

This post was written by Sema Parwana, Fulcrum Co-op Recruitment Assistant for Winter 2014. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from Ryerson University and will graduate with a Post-Grad Certificate of Human Resources from George Brown College in June 2014.