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Last quarter we participated in a survey conducted by one of our Strategic Partners, MacLeod Law Firm, who specialize in employment and labour law. The survey received 76 responses from employers who were asked questions regarding their past and future plans with respect to human resource challenges including recruitment and selection, employment contracts, corporate policies, and employment law. We were a bit surprised at some of the results and we wanted to share them with you.

1. 82% of the employers surveyed plan to hire employees in 2014

2. Employers use the following methods to recruit employees:

  • word of mouth (62%);
  • LinkedIn (61%);
  • company website (46%);
  • recruiter (28%);
  • newspapers/trade magazine’s (25%)

**44% of employers surveyed had difficulty finding qualified applicants and 49% of employers identified recruiting qualified employees is a key human resource challenge.

3. 72% of employers surveyed expect to implement 1 to 3% wage increase in 2014

4. About 75% of employers have an employment contract with a termination clause

5. 46% of employers surveyed average 4 to 6 sick days a year per employee, and 31% of employers surveyed have 0 to 3 sick days a year.

6. 75% of the employers surveyed permit employees to use social media during working hours

7. 58% of the employers surveyed have a human rights policy

8. 23% of the employers surveyed have a career development program and 69% of employers never or only discuss career development with employees over 50 if requested

9. 75% of employers have the policies that are required under the Ontario Health & Safety Act, and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

10. The biggest challenges facing the employers surveyed include:

  • finding qualified employees (49%);
  • retaining good performers (41%);
  • keeping up to date on employment laws (28%);
  • managing an aging workforce (24%);
  • accommodating employees with disabilities (10%)

Where do you stand compared to the above results and how do you plan on overcoming your big human resource challenges?

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