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Celebrating 50 years of Building High Performance Corporate Teams - 1971 to 2021

Fulcrum Search Science Inc. grew 48% last year, and we are happy to share our lessons learned.

1 – Focus on Unique Value

We made a conscious effort to stay true to our core values and our PLACER Search Process©, our proprietary business model which has resulted in search completion rate three times the North American average in our industry. In spite of continued uncertainties in the business climate, our clients were comfortable moving forward on searches, knowing we would bring forward candidates who would add significant value.

2 – Diversification

We also challenged ourselves to stick with our core functional search expertise but to broaden our geographic and industry reach. As such, we took on roles in Quebec, Western Canada, the USA and theFar East. Our successes included:

* President of Sales and Services (Canada) for a global environmental products and services company.

* CEO for a national PanAm Games sanctioned sporting association.

* Managing Director (China) for a global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of Commercial HVAC components and systems.

* Chief Information Officer for a national not for profit technology based business services company which provides research and consumer insights to its corporate clients.

3 – Client Intimacy

With the increase of firms adopting social media marketing strategies for business development, and Linkedin becoming a recruiter’s favoured tool, it is easy for one to get lost in the mix of tweets, status updates, emails and repetitive voicemails. Each one of our consultants focused their efforts on building upon the foundation of relationships with a select set of clients through regular and meaningful communication. In the end, both our clients and our candidates valued the richer, more rewarding recruitment experience.


By focusing on our unique value proposition, while diversifying into areas which didn’t require us to compromise our processes or expertise, and by emphasizing the personal touch with our clients and candidates, we achieved a very successful year in a climate of uncertainty. We look forward to an even stronger 2013 as the economy picks up and organizational structures continue to shift due to the movement of the Baby Boomers, the Gen X and the Gen Y.