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General Management Case Study

Group President

Project Overview

Our client is a European-based conglomerate with a number of strategic business units, each run by a group president. One of their group presidents was resigning. On the strength of our recent successful search for a general manager for the Canadian subsidiary of another of their SBU’s, the client retained us to conduct this mission critical search.


The group consisted of 4 separate companies operating in 4 countries (2 in Europe and 2 in North America) in 4 currencies, in a very narrow niche, manufacturing chemical coatings used in specialized industrial applications. The companies were formerly owner-operated, not integrated, had a variety of cultures, and were at varying stages of operational sophistication. The Group was underperforming.


We began with several “discovery” meetings with the client to determine the centre of the bulls-eye (performance/outcome requirements, leadership style, technical skills, industry background, geographic considerations, compensation latitude, etc.).

We then built a target list of companies, identified and assessed more than 2 dozen potential candidates, presented 5 for interviews, conducted references and psychometric assessments on the finalists, negotiated the offer and managed the candidate’s resignation and transition.

Throughout the 12 week process we provided weekly updates to the client, and made course-corrections from the client along the way.


The chosen candidate came from a global industrial manufacturing firm and had multinational general management experience complemented by an MBA. He brought both business development and lean manufacturing experience and a continuous improvement mindset. An inclusive and purposeful team builder, he has been making an impact since day 1.

Our executive search completion ratio is THREE TIMES the industry average in North America.

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