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Chief Engineer Case Study

Chief Engineer

Project Overview

Power generation company.


Our client operated an older power generation facility with a lot of technical and employee challenges. The working environment was somewhat unpleasant as the material used for creating power was unsanitary and there were challenges with a difficult unionized workforce.


We targeted heavy industries with similar environmental conditions and searched within those industries for candidates with both power generation and union experience. Once identified, we assessed them to ensure they had a demonstrable track record operating in a difficult union environment and repeatedly asked for examples of how they used influence and charisma to get otherwise adversarial employees on board. We identified the key character traits by asking a series of behavioural questions and probed for countless examples of similar situations from their past, not just with people but in working with older equipment as well.

We also needed a highly organized candidate to deal with multiple challenges simultaneously and who could stay on top of things without becoming overwhelmed. After uncovering numerous examples supporting the required traits, we verified them in our reference checks.


We found a candidate who met the criteria and the client was so pleased they engaged us to find a second person whom the Chief Engineer will mentor and who will continue to add value to the organization.

Our executive search completion ratio is THREE TIMES the industry average in North America.

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