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Celebrating 50 years of Building High Performance Corporate Teams - 1971 to 2021


About Us

Fulcrum Search Science is an executive search and human capital management firm, serving the North American mid-market business community since 1971.

We specialize in bringing rigorous executive search and assessment practices to “mission critical” roles at the professional, managerial, and executive levels. Our functional areas of focus are C-Suite / Senior Leadership, General Management, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics, Operations, Engineering & Maintenance leaders.

“Give me a lever long enough, and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I will move the earth” – Archimedes

Our Mission

To help companies achieve their vision, strategic plans, and corporate goals by providing the most comprehensive and professional executive search services.

Our Vision

To be the premier go-to executive search firm for “mission critical” roles within the mid-market. We’re dedicated to consistently growing our team of functionally focused professionals, one “perfect fit” at a time, while never compromising on quality. We are committed to continuing our development as truly inspirational leaders and enhancing our winning culture.

Our Values


Ethical professionalism and personal integrity, delighting clients through our consulting, the breadth of our searches, the depth of our candidate assessments, and the outcome assurance of our process control.


Transparency through open and robust communication, in our interactions with both clients and candidates.


Teamwork, given selflessly for the benefit of the team and the successful outcome for the client.


Innovation and creativity with a commitment to constant improvement in search, assessment, process control techniques and technology.


Attitude of inclusiveness in all our of dealings.

Code of Ethics

Fulcrum Search Science Inc. will represent the best interest of the client AND the candidate at all times in regard to all negotiations. Any information conveyed will be ‘as stated’ by the client, candidate or reference source. Confidential information will be respected.

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  • All persons formally presented will be interviewed and fully evaluated according to established Fulcrum Search Science Inc. standards. Any exceptions will be conveyed to the client.
  • No candidate will be presented without his/her full knowledge and approval.
  • No person will be recruited from any business unit that is a current client, without approval from the client.
  • No person will be recruited from a past client within at least 24 months, without approval from the client.
  • Fulcrum Search Science Inc. will never actively recruit any candidate we have placed with a Client company. In the event that a period of at least 36 months has elapsed with no other business conducted between Fulcrum and a Client company, and a candidate previously placed by Fulcrum with that company then actively approaches Fulcrum, that company would no longer be entitled to protected Client status and Fulcrum would reserve the right to work with that candidate.
  • Prospects and candidates will be informed continually of their status throughout the search.
  • A client will never be identified to a source, prospect, candidate or any other outside interest unless and until authorized.
  • Reference checking will not be conducted without the knowledge and agreement of the candidate. The results will be reported in full to the client.